What Kind of Home Maintenance Should I do in the Fall? (9 Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical Tips)

As the seasons change your home also goes through changes due to temperatures and weather conditions fluctuating, your home aging, and of course general neglect. In order to keep all your components of your home working efficiently, and to avoid potentially expensive repairs later, it’s useful to conduct regular maintenance tasks as we approach each season.

As the summer dwindles, this is a perfect time to pre- pare for the upcoming seasonal changes that fall bring our way. Especially here in the Flathead Valley, the fall season may be too late to prepare if it gets cold quickly.

Here are some helpful tips
to get ahead of the season and save you money down the road:

1) Check up for roof/gutters/ downspouts and debris removal:

This task is often forgotten because you don’t get the subtle reminders that you often do with other needed maintenance tasks because our roof is not at eye level. Clear out all debris including pine needles, accumulated dirt and leaves from your gutters. This is also the time to examine downspouts for damage or broken pieces. Check the flashing around your chimney and inspect for any possible openings that could cause potential leaking.

2) Inspect the grounds of your property:

Before the cold weather brings snow our way and/or it is too cold to venture outside, do a quick check of any walkways for cracks and loose pieces. Now is the time to fix those potentially dangerous walkways before the ice and snow adds to a potential falling accident.

3) Change the filters in your home:

A furnace filter is one of the most important filters in your home especially if you have issues with asthma or allergies; pets living inside or you smoke. Regular filter replacements will make your furnace last longer and run more efficiently.

4) Do you have drippy faucets?

Most homes have numerous faucets throughout the house
in the kitchen, bathrooms, 
and laundry and utility rooms. Before the temperatures start
to dip, take the time to inspect and fix any drippy faucets you may have. Better to do this now then the dead of winter.

5) Drain the water heater:

Areas prone to hard water can create extra sediment build- up in the tank of your water heater. Fall is a great time
to drain the tank and make sure rust is not developing. 
If your water heater appears rusty after examination or it is extremely old, you may want to consider a new one that will be more cost effective and energy efficient.

6) Examine windows and doors for drafty areas:

A large part of the conditioned air in your house is lost and escapes through the windows and doors of your home. Inspect all windows to ensure that caulking and the seal are in good condition; and replace as needed. Also consider adding thicker drapes around extra drafty windows to help block some of the cold air escaping into the room.

7) Clean and put away outdoor furniture for the season:

In the summer many of us live outside for much of the season. Now that we will be moving back inside, it is good times to power wash any outdoor furniture before putting it away. After cleaning, keep furniture and cushions in dry area to prevent damage, and fading over the colder months. When warm weather arrives again… you’ll be happy you stored them and they will be ready for use!

8) Service garden power tools:

Before long the grass will be in a dormant stage and mowers, trimmers and other tools will need to be put away until next year. Before storing them away, fill-up fluids and get blades sharpened. Extra Tip: If you are in need of new garden power tools, now is a great time to purchase them…With the season almost over, you’ll find some great deals!

9) Prepare pipes, hoses and exterior faucets:

You can save yourself a lot of headaches down the road
by providing a little preventative maintenance against the damage that freezing weather can cause to pipes and hoses.

  • Turn off external shut-off valves for faucets and cover with an insulation kit to prevent against freezing and ice build up.
  • Drain outdoor hoses and store them in a dry place to avoid splitting and cracking.
  • Wrap exterior faucets with insulation tape; areas where indoor pipes are exposed and temperature drops should also be tended to in the same fashion.

Enjoy these last days of summer because they are going fast! We hope you use these ten tips to help you get a jump-start on your fall home maintenance.

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