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Our History

1946 The history of Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical goes back to Great Falls, MT in 1946, when  Dave Waldenberg’s Grandfather, Louis J. Waldenberg started Central Plumbing & Heating (CHP). Louie started CHP on Central Avenue, which is where the name “Central” was coined. With a desire to provide customers a higher level of quality and service, Louie started CHP with a focus on service and residential new construction housing. Just coming out of the war, times were tough in our nation, but with Louie’s determination and commitment to the customer, he was able to make the business a success and has left a legacy behind for future generations.

1952 Louis’s son, Vernon L. Waldenberg joined the business in 1952 as journeyman plumber. As he quickly moved up the ranks of the company, he helped expand the business into commercial plumbing and heating. As a result, in 1960 the business relocated to a new building at 815 20th Street North in Great Falls, Montana. Vernon eventually bought the business from his father and continued to expand into new residential housing and commercial work.

1983 After graduating from Montana State University with a degree in Business Management, Vernon’s son, David, J. Waldenberg, officially joined the business. Over the next 20 years Dave acquired his journeyman and master plumbing licenses and served in a number of positions including: commercial estimator/ project manager and general manager. Then from 1992 to 2002 Dave served as the president of CHP. With Dave’s influence, the company sales grew from $800,000 to $14,000,000 at the end of 2002. In 2002 Dave sold his interests in CHP to start Central Solutions, Inc.

2002 In 2002, Dave and his wife Debbi started Central Solutions, Inc. for the purpose of developing a strong service and retrofit company in plumbing, heating, and cooling in Montana. From October 2002 Dave and Debbi took a strong base of service customers and grew to a viable entity and sold the company to the new owners, Leroy and Leslie Malsam. During this time, Centrals “Comfort Care Program” was developed to provide quality preventative maintenance and continued customer support. After vacationing in the Flathead Valley for 15 years, Dave and Debbi decided to relocate from Great Falls, MT.

2006 After relocating to the Flathead Valley, in 2006 Dave and Debbi Waldenberg purchased Central, Heating, & Cooling, a company started in 1992 with the goal of providing high quality HVAC systems for the residential new construction industry. Debbi brought 10 years of business experience owning and operating a specialty shop as well as an Education Degree from Montana State University. “We install Comfort” was the first company motto implemented. In 2007, Central Heating & Cooling took on a new logo and their vans were updated to reflect the change. They also expanded their service team and moved to their current location at 1650 MT Hwy. 35 in Kalispell, Montana.

2010 In mid-2010, Central Heating & Cooling added plumbing and electrical services, becoming Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical. Again, Central updated their look to reflect the message they wanted to convey to their customers. The logo was changed, vans were updated and the Central team was expanded. A new tag line was implemented; “Now That’s Convenient!” was added to their marketing message. Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical has a focus on continued growth in their service department to complement their strong presence in commercial and residential new construction in the Flathead Valley.

Today We are committed more than ever to provide the best solutions to solve ALL of our customer’s needs related to heating, cooling, plumbing & electrical. Debbi Waldenberg as president, and a woman has brought a woman’s perspective to a male dominated industry. Regularly, the service technicians and installers work closely with “the woman” of the household to solve their heating, cooling, plumbing & electrical issues. With Debbi at the helm, we’ve taken on a new understanding of what is important to our customers and continue to relay the message: “as always, your comfort is our CENTRAL concern.”

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