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What Is Backflow?

Backflow is hazardous condition that can exist when there is a drop in pressure in a plumbing system that causes contaminated, non-potable water to be syphoned back into the fresh water supply.

One example of backflow contamination is a hose left in a pool or submerged in a garden. If the pressure changes, the dirty water can be drawn back up into the home’s plumbing system. Without an anti-siphon hose bib, dirty water could enter the fresh water supply.

Backflow Prevention

To prevent backflow in a home’s plumbing system it’s important that outdoor faucets have working hose bibs to prevent contamination. In addition the plumbing system should be checked to ensure that sump pumps, toilets, faucets and other systems are properly installed to prevent crossflow contamination.

A garden hose is a common cause of backflow. For example, lets say you’re watering your garden with a pesticide applicator attached to the hose. Your kids want a snack, while you’re inside fixing the snacks there’s a drop in water pressure in the supply system that causes a vacuum . . . this will pull the pesticide laced water into your home.

Drops in water pressure are not uncommon, it may happen while a crew repairs a broken water main or firefighters put out a nearby fire.

We Can Help Protect You & Your Family

We are specialists in backflow prevention and we can perform an evaluation to determine which backflow prevention device is best for your homes plumbing system. We also test and maintain all backflow devices to make sure they’re working properly and protecting you and your family.

Do the smart thing . . . have Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical install a backflow prevention device today!


What Your Neighbors Are Saying

“Josh and Andrew replaced our sump pump last week. They fit us in right away, knowing that this was really important to us. They were professional, efficient, and courteous. They quickly replaced the pump, found a problem with a pipe and repaired it, and even zip-tied our cords to make things neat. They left the area looking better than they found it! Great service.”

– Rebecca C., Google Review

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