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One of the best ways to improve the look, safety, and value of your Montana property is to install quality outdoor and landscape lighting. Whether it’s for an outdoor living space, patio, walkway, or garden, Central Heating Cooling Plumbing and Electrical provides customized lighting solutions that will bring your outdoor spaces to life after dark.

Quality lighting illuminates your exterior spaces for safety, aesthetics, and added value. A well-lit home is an appealing home.

Choosing The Right Type of Outdoor and Landscape Lighting For Your Needs

Whether you need to provide overall lighting for an outdoor living space, provide safe passage from a garage to the house, or highlight your property’s unique features, our electricians can help design a lighting plan that meets your needs.
Pathway Lighting

Path Lights: Guiding Lights in the Dark

Ideal for walkways and garden paths, path lights add safety and charm to your landscape. They guide the way during the night while accentuating the features of your yard or garden.

Accent Lights: Focusing on the Finer Details

Have a unique feature on your property that you want to show off? Accent lights are a great option for  highlighting key features in your landscape, like trees, architectural details such as a gazebo, or water features like pools and ponds. They create pleasing focal points in your yard, adding depth and dimension.

Deck and Patio Lights: Ushering in Warmth and Welcome

Imagine your deck or patio bathing in a warm, inviting glow. Quality deck and patio lights don’t just brighten these gathering spaces; they create an alluring ambiance. Installed strategically, they serve as the perfect catalyst for relaxed conversations or festive celebrations.

Security Lights: A Stalwart Shield of Safety

Security need not be stark. Central’s security lighting solutions, including vigilant motion-sensor lights and commanding floodlights, stand guard, dissuading unwelcome guests. Your family will feel safer with security lighting from Central.

Why Choose Central For Your Outdoor and Landscape Lighting?

Landscape Lighting Installation

In most cases, installing lighting is not a DIY job, it’s a project that requires a licensed electrician and sometimes an electrical permit. Our experienced team has been serving the electrical needs of homeowners in the Flathead Valley for over 30 years.

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What Your Neighbors Are Saying

“We couldn’t be more impressed with Andrew and the whole team at Central. They came out quickly even tho it wasn’t an emergency and were so professional with helping us understand our system and then also picking the best course of action for our issue. We will use again!”

– Lauren R., Google Review

“Andrew is great! He was professional, respectful, and took time to thoroughly answer my questions. I hope I don’t need Central’s help anytime soon 😉 but if I do, I’ll look forward to working with Andrew again.”

– Camas A., Google Review

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