Water Softeners for Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Bigfork or anywhere in the Flathead Valley

If you have hard water you know how detergents and soaps lose their cleaning effectiveness. Instead of dissolving, soap combines with minerals in the water and forms a thick soap scum. Since less soap is dissolved, a lot more is required and the sticky film clings to your skin and inhibits cleansing.

Hard water can cause problems in your laundry room as well. As your clothes are being washed soap scum works its way into your clothing, trapping dirt in the fibers, stiffening and roughening the fabric.

When washing dishes in your dishwasher or washing your car, insoluble soap deposits leave ugly spots on everything. In the bathroom stubborn soap builds up in your bathtub and shower making it difficult to keep clean.

Hard Water Can Damage Your Appliances and Plumbing System

Another reason to be concerned about hard water in your home is its effect on your plumbing system. Calcium and magnesium can build up in pipes, reducing water flow to faucets and appliances. These same minerals create a scale buildup in your water heater and appliances like coffee makers, reducing their efficiency and life span.

The Solution to Hard Water is a Home Water Softener System

When you have Central install a new water softener system in your home, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Our best water softener delivers soft, conditioned water that will make life easier around your house. You’ll immediately notice the difference in your home’s water quality.

The benefits of a home water softener system include:

  • Tubs, showers and shower doors that are no longer covered in a film of soap scum
  • Sinks and faucets that are cleaner with little or no scale buildup
  • Clothes that are cleaner and brighter
  • Clothes and towels that are softer
  • Smoother skin and hair
  • Appliances that work more efficiently and last longer
  • Rust and water spotting are virtually eliminated
  • Cleaner pipes with less corrosion and scale buildup
  • Discover the difference a new water softener system can make

At Central we don’t just install a water softener in your home . . . we custom tailor a water softening system that match your family’s lifestyle and unique needs. A water conditioning specialist will visit your home, test your water, and ask about your water use and other questions to determine the right system for you home.

We will expertly install your new water softener to provide you with years of trouble free performance. When the installation is complete, the work area is thoroughly cleaned and we will show you how to use your new conditioner and explain all the features and benefits.

Start enjoying the benefits of soft, conditioned water today . . . call Central today.

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