Electrical Remodeling in Kalispell Montana

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Whether you’re adding a new addition to your home or remodeling an existing kitchen or bathroom, it’s important to plan your electrical needs ahead of time. From lighting and outlet installation to panel upgrades, Central Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric has the experience and know-how to help make your next electrical remodeling project a success.

Kitchen Electrical Upgrades


Kitchen Lighting


Lighting can make or break a remodeling project. For countertops, under-cabinet lighting ensures there’s always a well-lit place to prepare food. Pendant lights are ideal for creating dramatic lighting over an island, while recessed ceiling fixtures provide overall lighting that can be controlled with a dimmer switch.

LED lighting offers many advantages beyond energy efficiency, including:

  • Color Temperature Control – Choose from a warm light or cooler blue light, or any color in between.
  • Unobtrusive Light Where You Need It – Compact LEDs can be installed inside cabinets and drawers, while LED strips can be run above and below cabinets for ambient lighting.
  • Intensity Control – LED light beans can be adjusted to fill the entire kitchen, or focused to light up work areas like cooktops and sinks.
  • Smart Home Compatible – Control all your lights from your smartphone or smart speaker. Just say, “Hey Alexa, turn on the island lights up 20 percent.”

Dedicated Circuits
Large kitchen appliances like electric ovens and microwaves usually require a dedicated circuit to safely provide power.

One of the biggest complaints people have with their older kitchen is a lack of outlets. Outlets are not just for walls, they can be installed almost anywhere: on the side of an island, in a countertop pop-up, under cabinets, even inside drawers. With multi-outlet strips under cabinets you’ll never be left hunting for an open outlet or running an extension cord again.

No one enjoys cooking in a humid, smokey kitchen. It’s not only unpleasant, it’s unhealthy. Installing powerful ventilation fans and range exhaust hoods will help clear the air.

Bathroom Electrical Upgrades

Bathroom Lighting

Remodeling an outdated bathroom gives you the opportunity to create an up-to-date design with the latest electrical comfort and convenience options.  Here are just a few of the electrical upgrades that Central can install to turn your master bath into a spa-like retreat.

  • LED lighting with smart controls
  • Heated towel bars
  • Outlets hidden in drawers and medicine cabinets
  • LED nightlight outlet covers
  • Wireless smart switches
  • USB Outlets
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Low voltage water-resistant televisions
  • Quiet exhaust fans
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