Being the “Best You Can Be”. . .

What is holding you back from being the “Best You Can Be”, each and everyday. I am not sure if it is a new “BUZZ” word or statement, or because I have read the book by Carol Dweck, called “Mindset”.

I am now hearing these words in all walks of life. The basic overall concept, there are two ‘Mindsets’, a growth mindset or a fixed mindset…the first is in a more “changeable Spirit”, always striving and knowing they can be better and bigger by increasing their skill set…the Fixed Mindset holds on to the past, and finding reasons why not to do this 
or that, a more “unchangeable spirit,” finding fault in either themselves or the people in their lives, unable to let go of “The Story,” surrounding these relationships…

Many years back, I took the initiative and had my family participate in a “growth well being” workshop called “Landmark Education,” they are still very active in several large communities throughout the United States. A couple of statements shared that still sticks with me today:

– You don’t know, what you don’t know…you know”

– “Do not let the past get in the way of your future possibilities”

And if you really take some time to read into these two statements, there is some heavy meaning behind both… back in the day, I really struggled to grasps their overall true meaning…things that went through my mind…

“With out the past, what really defines who I am” and seriously, every day is a new day let go of yesterday…where is the responsibility in all that??

An example to help understand the first concept…if you have never actually been to Paris France, how do you really know it exists? What… of course Paris France exist?

And if you have never walked in someone’s shoes…how can you judge how they are reacting to a situation, you do not know what they know, as you have never walked their path of life, or you may not have yet lived long enough to grasps the wisdom being brought to the table. Judgment just seems to 
be running rampant these days, everyone has an “opinion” that they state as a fact, when in the overall big scheme of life, there is just really one ‘TRUE’ fact, and that is that we are going to die someday…that is the one fact that we can ALL agree on.

Lets go back and visit the concept of, not letting the past get in the way of your future possibilities. I remember a moment in time I had with one of my sister-in-laws (nothing in life prepared me for marrying into
 a family where I was gifted ‘8’ sister-in-laws), we were talking on the phone one day and out of the blue she said, “And what was that look you gave my husband when he got out of the pool?” I am instantly thrown for a loop and trying to go back in time and remember when I was at a pool with her and her husband… it took me back about 3 years.

I can remember the moment briefly, as I had no idea it had made such an impression on this woman. I remember it being late summer and when I saw her husband get out of the pool, all I can remember thinking is how ‘white’, like glaring white his skin was, which I probably definitely did some kind of double take…but overall just a really innocent moment in time, but definitely left a negative impression on this particular sister-in-law to bring it up 3 years later. As our conversation continued on a not so positive note, she 
had been harboring some other “things” for quite some time. And finally, as our conversation was ending, she said, “You are like a thorn in my side.” (at the time I saw this woman maybe 3 or 4 times a year) I am thinking ‘really’ don’t give me too much credit, and the response that came out of my mouth was, “Well if you get past those thorns you will find a beautiful Red Rose!” and her response, which I do have to give huge ‘kudos’ for, was “Touché!” Things got much better after that conversation.

This concept about letting go of the past, seems easy enough and something like above that 
I meant no harm, can be harbored for years. Landmark takes this concept to an even higher extreme. I think we all can agree in general that there are tragedies in life, and two different people can have the same tragedy, one seems to be able to move on in life, the other is extremely “stuck” in the story surrounding the event, and cannot get past it, or let go…in essence, letting the past, which we can not go back and change…get in the way of their future possibilities.

At Central I am committed to growing our Team to be the BEST we can be and growing to their full capacity. Now and through the rest of the year and on in to 2019, I have introduced a book called, “No Limits”, by John C. Maxwell. Like ‘Mindset’, your Capacity is either a result of the limits you have, which you must let go of to grow to your full potential.

As always your Comfort is my Central concern for all your heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical and drain cleaning needs.


Now is the time to pull out those dead or spindly flowers from summer and add some local mums and Kale that are easily available this time of year…it is amazing how this can give just the right touch to enjoy this sea- son before the snow flies.

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