The “Spirit of Christmas”

common phrase that we hear this time of year is to enjoy the “Spirit of Christmas”.  We see it on Christmas cards, signs in stores, TV commercials and on Hallmark holiday movies. One of my favorite classic Christmas movies is “A Christmas Carol.” The whole premise of the movie was about Ebenezer Scrooge finding that holiday spirit.

Let’s face it; Christmas is only a few weeks away and the hustle and bustle of the holidays is in full speed. We can get a bit overwhelmed and feel a little like Scrooge before his journey as we run around purchasing and wrapping gifts for our loved ones, putting the finishing touches on our holiday decorations, hanging stockings, planning meals and family gatherings, and attending parties with family and friends.

With all this excitement and rushing around, we can get so wrapped up in the holiday details that we miss out on the best “present” around, to consciously choose to be “present” each and every day. 

Spencer Johnson wrote a book a few years back called, “The Present.” It is an engaging, easy-to-read story of a young man’s journey to adulthood, and an old man he meets along the way. “This Present,” according to the old man, “is the most valuable gift a person can receive.”

As a grandparent now, I now know why so many grandparents have shared that it is way better than parenting. I am not sure I will go that far, but I believe I know why we grandparents say this. When we were raising our own children, we were so BUSY with and hoping we were getting it right with our children, running them here and there for this activity and that, that it was hard to really slow down and be “in the moment” of what was happening.

Today, now as a grandmother of three, there is nothing like a 14-month-old who started walking at 10 months, learning to talk and jibber all the while she is just walking to be walking, this way and that or the 2 1/2-year-old and his little brother getting into the dirt in the planter in the corner to bring you into the “present”’ of NOW!

The inquisitive of these ages just brings you back to slowing down, enjoying every moment where they have not yet learned to be afraid of what people will think if they just do not say the right thing or do the right thing. They fall down and get right back up… so refreshing and fun… brings a smile to my face as I am writing this for you.

Just like in the movie of “Scrooge,” it is also about letting go of what may have happened in the PAST that is holding you back from being the “best you
can be today” in all your relationships.

Here are a few suggestions to help you be more “present,” during this special time of year:

  • Take Time to Breathe — and say no, who will remember next year?!?
  • Give to Those in Need — I am all about the “Law of Reciprocity,” the more we give the more we receive.
  • Traditions that Last — Holiday traditions provide a sense of comfort and a special moment to look forward to every year.
  • Have a Baking Party — A baking party is a great way to spend yummy times with friends and family before the holidays. 
  • Be Grateful— Focus on who you love and are grateful for in your life. The best gifts in life are the people we cherish in our lives and the opportunities that have been bestowed upon us. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, sit down, and be “present” to what and who got you to where you are today… and just BE and enjoy.

At Central our team is dedicated to making your holidays problem free. May you all embrace the “present” over the next few weeks during this magical time of year.

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As many of us are pulling out our decorations to transform our homes into snow globes of beauty, I like to fill my planters from the summer with evergreens, pine cones and sprigs of red dogwood. A white globe ceiling light cover, from our local hardware store, filled with a strand of lights makes for a wonderful accent.

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