What Are The Consequences of Plumbing Problems?

consequences of ignoring plumbing issues
Say you have a leaky faucet in your bathroom. While the dripping might bother you from time to time, it is not really that big of a deal, right? Actually, fixing a leaky faucet and other common plumbing problems should be done as soon as possible, even if they seem like a minor inconvenience. Minor plumbing problems can sometimes be a sign of a larger issue, as well as cost more money down the road. Here are some issues that can be caused by delaying plumbing repairs:

Additional Plumbing Costs

Paying for water is probably one of your main bills each month. The water used by a leaky faucet or other minor plumbing issue can add up over time; now, you are paying for water that is getting wasted.


Regardless of where the plumbing issue is located, small leaks can turn into large problems over time. Leaky or blocked pipes may burst, causing flooding that can damage walls, flooring, furniture and personal belongings. Having a repair person come fix the leak and inspect the plumbing can save you this headache. Mold

Additionally, if a plumbing issue is causing pooling or standing water, moisture from the leak can produce mold or mildew. This can cause additional problems, such as health issues, rotting woodwork, a musty home smell, allergies or damage to your home. Mold and mildew can grow quickly, so if you find these in your home, it is best to deal with them right away.


If there is standing water in your home that you don’t know about due to a plumbing problem, it could cause an infestation of insects that like standing water. These can cause additional damage to your home.

Backed Up Sewer Lines

Delaying fixing an issue around your toilet or another pipe that leads to the sewer system can also cause a backed-up sewer line. This could cause raw sewage to enter your home, exposing you and your family to health hazards. Even minor issues could lead to problems that have long-term effects for your home and family.

Common Plumbing Issues to Fix Immediately

There are some common plumbing issues that you may see in your home, such as clogged drains, leaks and low water pressure. While these may seem like minor annoyances or quirks of your home, they should be fixed as quickly as possible to avoid exacerbating the problem or causing additional issues for you, your family or your home. Here are some of the most common plumbing problems:

Clogged Drains

Another minor plumbing problem is the clogged drain. While this sounds like a minor inconvenience, it can be toxic to those in your home. Plus, it is not a pretty sight!

Causes of clogged drains include:

Hair – This is the likely culprit of clogged shower or bathroom sink drains. It is fairly easy to remove if done when clog starts, but the longer it is allowed to build up, the more problems it can cause.

Plants – This one is especially true for outdoor drains. Plant debris, such as falling leaves, grass clipping and small branches can clog outside drains. Clogged outdoor drains can cause flooding, which, if too close to your home, can damage your foundation or basement. During big storms, keep an eye on storm drains and other outdoor drains, and remove debris if necessary.

Grease – This can be a big problem in your kitchen. Over time, grease and fat from cooking, as well as discarded food scraps, may build up in the drain. Not only is it unsightly, but it can cause a bad smell or mildew as well.

Low Water Pressure

A bad plumbing job can result in issues with your fixtures, such as low water pressure and leaks. These can cause you to spend more money on your water bill and may also cause your fixtures to wear out quicker, as they are working harder to do the same job.

Leaky Faucet

A leaky faucet may seem like a minor inconvenience at the time, but it can quickly add up. Water leaked from your faucet or other fixtures may be causing your water bill to increase and wasting water. Additionally, if water is pooling or causing excessive moisture near the leak, it could cause mold and mildew to grow. These can grow fast, and cause health issues for your family, such as respiratory problems, as well as cause damage to your home. A leaky faucet can sometimes be a quick fix, such as changing out or tightening a single piece of the fixture, so it may be a quick fix for a plumbing professional.

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