Why Do Business With Central?

Why would you want to do business with Central versus any other company that sells heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical services?

Not really, as other companies in the valley have either the same product or very similar…“mini warehouses on wheels” driving to your home or business? Not really, as other companies have vehicles they are driving to your
home, although maybe not as organized with each part labeled — and I am willing to bet, they do not have their vans inventoried every three months like I require of our Team…

  • Is it because our Call Center is trained to answer the phone by the second ring? Maybe… If it gets to a third ring, I or someone outside our Call Center will answer it, as we have our phones ring throughout the company. 
  • Is it because we do weekly customer-service training and technical training every week with our entire Team?
  • Is it because our Team is to be prepared today, for their calls tomorrow, to maximize our efficiency to get to your home each day on TIME?
  • Maybe it is because our Leadership Team of young professionals is guiding our Team each day to be the best they can be…
  • Or maybe it is because we are the only company in the valley that can provide heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical with “one call.”
  • Or is it because our service professionals use iPads out in the field, so that they can enter in detailed notes each time we visit your home on all these services? That means that when we come to your home again, anyone from our Call Center, Leadership Team or the next Service Technician can review this history to be better prepared to service your home properly… Maybe that’s it?

But the main reason I believe people continue to call Central is not so much any of the systems we have in place above, but probably more due to the people we hire to work on our Team. We take a lot of time working hard on to find the right people with a “can-do mindset.”

We do an annual company party each year on a Saturday in spring. We bring everyone in on a Saturday and we do a companywide training on Team building and learning more about our
community we live in.

This year our theme was “Mindset,” and I passed out a book I recently read called “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.” A must read for anyone raising children or people who want to grow
their own mindset of thinking. The book is all about either having a “Fixed Mindset, or a Growth Mindset,” and how we are raised and the words that are spoken to us can create a certain type of
mindset … I choose Growth!

One of our exercises for the day is usually to go off campus and take a trip somewhere in our community. One year we did a scavenger hunt where we broke everyone into four teams and they had to go get pictures of other companies in the valley. One Team took pictures of another plumbing company located on a very busy street. Their observation was that this business had no real signage visible from this busy street. Then within a few months they installed a large sign on the side of their building, hmmmmm.

This year we had the pleasure of getting the opportunity of touring “NOMAD, Global Communication Solutions,” on U.S. Highway 2. This was all started in a barn here in the valley by several men with very big mindsets; Will Schmautz, Seth Schmautz, Shane Ackerly and Clay Binford felt there was a huge need for better communications between all involved in an emergency situation. Fast forward to today, from 2002 when this idea all began, they now are building
from scratch, custom designed Mobile Command Units. These vehicles have been shipped all over the world. The cost for these  mobile units runs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they are designed and built right here in our beautiful valley. Their overall sole purpose is to establish a response base of integrated communications operations — Restore and Reestablish, hope, and get back to normal life, as best that can be expected, in the shortest possible time, for these communities they are involved in worldwide!!

A big shout out to Carl Coletti, business development director for NOMAD, who after many conversations between him and me, about the possibility of bringing our Team to visit their facility, said, “Yes.” The bigger plus for him? I believe it is that I wasn’t going to bug him anymore!

Last Saturday Carl and a very bright young man from our valley, Zach Falk, gave us a wonderful tour of their operations and facility, so a huge THANK YOU. This became a highlight of our day.Next time when thinking of the heating, cooling, plumb-
ing and electrical company to call … remember the kind of people we have on our Team and the kind of training they are receiving … As always, your comfort is our Central concern.

P.S.: Are you wanting to get a jump on spring flowers? At this time of year I love to plant pansies. One of my favorite spots in the Valley to find pansies this time of year is Plant Land.


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