The Future: Maintaining a Positive Outlook

Why, in general do we spend so much time on talking about how bad the world is today?

The other evening I was at a surprise party for a friend and had the opportunity to meet some new people. As I am now a grandma, it is a fun question to ask someone new, “Do you have grandchildren?” Usually the person’s face lights up, and I get some cute little story about his or her grandchildren; however in this case, when I asked this question to a woman that I had met, it was shared that, “My daughter is handicapped and my son is 37 and feels he does not want to bring children into this kind of world we live in today.” SAD…

I shared, “Well we need to open his eyes to what really is going on in this world today — exponential growth and a world of abundance.” She kinda looked at me, like … WHAT?

I find that I am becoming a bit impatient with the kind of thinking exhibited by her son, but if your only way of looking at the world is through television and newspapers and such … it does BAD world out there today.

Do not get me wrong. There is a lot of BAD out there today, but there has always been a lot of BAD out there, and actually, even worse, we just are more bombarded today, through a device called a cellphone. This device has really seen exponential growth in the world today, and has contributed to a much higher level of thinking, and growth, while creating abundance, too. In 2010, 2 billion, yes billion, people had access to a cellular device; by 2020…5 billion people will have this same access. Think about this, 3 billion new minds, now they have at their fingertips, information on medical, education, ‘How to’s”, relationships, travel and entertainment, on-line shopping … massive amounts of information that they never had access. Think about the financial impact these additional 3 billion people will contribute to our world, and the improvements to their lives and their families.

A new favorite “listen to” these days is Peter Diamandis, chairman and CEO of the XPRIZE Foundation. In his book, “Abundance: The Future is Better than You Think,” which he co-wrote with Steven Kotler, he explains four forces that will solve our world’s problems today:

1. Exponential Technology – accelerated growth of technology. Since 1965, computer capabilities have doubled every 10-12 years, and today could even be more.

2. The DIY Innovator – because of the accelerated growth rate of technology, now anyone can solve problems that only large corporations or governments could do before…

3. The Techno Philanthropist – a huge amount of wealth has been made in the tech sector, but many of these new billionaires have used their wealth to solve a world problem, and have dedicated their own capital and time to solving this issue…

4. And the Rising Billion – as in the example above, they are rising in their ability to consume and produce, and what will they invent?

A great example listed in the book that I think we may all be able to resonate with occurs on page 84: “For most of the twentieth century, Tinseltown was the nexus of the
entertainment world: the best films, the brightest stars, entertainment hegemony unrivaled in history. But in less than twenty-five years, digital technology has rearranged these facts. On average, Hollywood produces five hundred films per year and reaches a worldwide audience of 2.6 billion (there we go with that ‘billion word’). If the average length of a film is two hours, then Hollywood produces one thousand hours of content per year.”

Today there is this place you can go — on something called the “Internet” —where Hollywood is eclipsed. YouTube users “upload” 48 hours’ worth of videos every MINUTE! This means, every 21 minutes, YouTube provides more novel entertainment than Hollywood does in 12 months, and this was back in 2012. What do you think it is today? This is exponential technology and exponential growth. I wonder if this son I talked about ever goes to YouTube for his information?

There is a great YouTube video I recommend watching called, “Joe Polish video interview with Peter Diamandis on Abundance: The Future is Better than You Think!”

At Central, I am using these same pieces of information to expand my Team’s mindset. This is not just about coming into your home to-day with a Band-Aid fix. My Team is trained to come into your home and access YOUR situation, and then educate you, not only on the Band-Aid today, but what to expect as your home ages. It is amazing
to me that, although we all take our vehicles in to get serviced usually twice a year, people don’t make the same connection about their home equipment. Every day, we are in the homes of people who never think about servicing their home’s equipment that runs each year like you were driving over 200,000 miles in your car … CRAZY.

As always, your comfort is my Central concern. Call 756-6656, for all your heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical and drain cleaning needs.

PS: I empower you today, when a conversation with friends is focusing on complaining about the “$19 trillion debt” or this or that … to change the conversation to “How can WE change this?” Because anything else is just talk!!!

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