Should You Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

Furnace Repair
It can be difficult to know when you should repair your furnace and when you should replace the heating system. While each situation is different, there are some signs that will guide you toward the best action for your furnace.

When to Repair Your Furnace

Generally, your furnace should be the silent heater of your home. You should forget that it is there, and other than yearly maintenance, you should not have to worry about your furnace. However, sometimes maintenance is needed, parts break or you hear a strange noise. That does not always mean it is time to replace the furnace just yet. Here are a few scenarios when you should think about repairing your furnace instead of replacing it.

Consider Your Furnace Age

The lifespan of a furnace is generally expected to be around 12 -15 years. If your furnace is newer than 10 years old, plan to have your furnace serviced instead of replaced.

Regular Service

You should have your HVAC system serviced regularly, which includes changing filters and cleaning duct work.These regular services will help your furnace last longer.

Signs It Is Time To Get A New Furnace

There are several warning signs that will indicate when it is time to replace your furnace. Stay in-tune with your heating and cooling system by getting your system serviced regularly so your technician can tell when it is time to replace your system. If you or your heating and cooling technician notice any of the below issues (or a combination of several) it might be time to start deciding on a new furnace.

Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of a typical furnace is about 12- 15 years. This number can increase or decrease, depending on how well the furnace has been cared for and the environment. If your furnace is more than 15 years old, however, it is probably time to start shopping for a new one.

Increased Energy Bills

Are you noticing the cost of your energy bill inching up each month? Furnaces often lose their efficiency as they age, and as a result, your furnace may need to run longer to provide the same amount of heat. This causes your energy bill to increase. The money that you are paying to energy companies would be better invested in a new furnace. If you notice energy bill increases but it isn’t a result of a faulty furnace read our blog on some home energy saving tips.

Multiple Furnace Repairs

The longer you own a furnace, the more you will need to repair, and as time goes on, you may notice these repairs coming closer and closer together. If you had two or more major repairs on your furnace in the last two years, it is probably time to put that money toward a new furnace.

Inconsistent Heat Output From Your Furnace

Are you uncomfortable in your own home? Your home should be a consistent temperature from room to room. If you notice some rooms are too cold and others are too hot, your furnace may be having difficulty distributing air from room to room.

Strange Noises

Old furnaces can start to make some strange noises toward the end of their lives. Are you hearing banging, rattling, popping or squealing coming from your furnace? Or is your furnace blower running excessively? These noises can be cause by a myriad of issues, including unsecure duct work, issues with the furnace motor or deteriorating parts. The best course of action is to have a heating and cooling professional come check out your furnace and advise if it is a quick fix, or if it is time to replace your furnace.

Reasons to Get a New Furnace

If you know that your furnace is at the end of its lifespan or may need to be replaced soon, it can be tempting to wait to see if you can squeeze a few more months of work out of your system. However, there are several big benefits to replacing your furnace as soon as you know it is time to get a new one.

Energy Efficiency

There have been many improvements in modern furnaces, including increasing the energy efficiency. A new furnace will run better and be better suited to save energy, saving you money. Some companies or areas even offer rebates or tax credits for high-efficiency systems.

More Research Time

When you decide to replace your furnace before it completely fails, you will have time to do research to find the right fit for your home. You can compare units, shop around and get estimates from installation professionals to make sure you are getting the best option for your home.

Better Planning

Things never break at good times! If you wait until your furnace goes out, it will probably happen at the worst possible time, like during a snowstorm or the middle of the night. Then, you will be competing with other people trying to get your furnace fixed, all the while, being uncomfortable yourself! Planning ahead and having your furnace fixed on your own time will ensure that you stay comfortable and your home stays heated when it matters most.

Replacing Your Furnace

Is it time to replace your furnace? Contact the team at Central Heating for professional furnace installation in Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Bigfork, Lakeside and the rest of the Flathead Valley.

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