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Debbi WaldenbergMinor home repairs can seem insignificant and without the reason for urgency, until it changes the whole course of your morning. Recently the door knob in our bedroom stopped working. When the door was closed and inside the bedroom, you were locked in. My husband did take the time to “fix” the problem or so he thought.

After coming off a week vacation I was up bright and early and ready to start my day. My husband already left for work, as he does every morning; when he gets up first, he will shut our bedroom door to let me sleep a bit longer, quietly. See how a minor repair becomes “not so” minor…

After making my bed, I go to the door only to find that the door handle my husband had ‘fixed’, is now not working again; I am locked in our room. I immediately look to where I have my phone charger, no phone. I assess the situation. The side window has a big window well below, this would be quite a drop. The solution is to go out the front window which is not an easy task.

I crawl through the window to find the cabin locked, thankfully the hidden key was in place. I am ready for my morning coffee; to find no coffee was made that morning (hmmm, we have an agreement, whomever gets up first they make the coffee, the other makes the bed).  I proceed to make a pot of coffee, to find our “RO” water is running dry and all of our large jugs are empty. However my neighbor just had some containers delivered the day before. I go retrieve a couple bottles. As I am carrying the containers into our cabin, a small bird flies in the door, takes a sharp left, into our master bedroom, I shut the bedroom door. For the second time this morning, I am assessing the situation I am in.

I arm myself with a broom and go back into my room and shut the door!! 

I am now locked in our bedroom again! Fortunately the little bird has flown into our closet. I shut the door. Build my ladder of pillows, pull off the screens, and make my way under the blind, over the headboard, and out the window onto the bench, once again…

I do not have time to chase a bird throughout our cabin, I should be on my way to work by now. Back in the bedroom, prop the door open, (not going to take a chance on being locked in a 3rd time) put the front window screens back, pull the shade, remove the screens on both the side windows, pull the blinds up and open both the windows wide open, and remove everything I need to finish getting ready for the morning

I open our closet door where the bird has been for the past 10 to 15 minutes, shut the lights out, race out of my bedroom, shut the door, hoping the bird will “find the light” and fly out the window. Whew, it worked!

Now on my way to work. Like every good wife, I find myself thinking if Dave had just fixed the door, or made sure we had enough water, or made coffee. I never would have been locked out or had a bird in our cabin.


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