Building a “Growth Mindset” Culture

After living in Central Montana that has it’s own special beauty, I now take for granted this place we live in. It is a beautiful morning like today where the sky is endless with color, the Mountains are vast, the grass has greened up, leaf buds and flowers have been begging to show their finest are beginning to show up…I have to take a step back, slow down, and be grateful for this beautiful place we all live in…’breathless at times,’.

The other evening I was at dinner with a couple colleges from work and I hear them discussing a Television show, “Dexter”, an American crime drama mystery that ran on Showtime October 2006 through September 2013. I pipe in and comment, “ Like, who watches a show like that?” They both chimed in unison, “I do,” with conviction. Really?, a show about a family man with a wife and 3 kids, is a Forensic Expert by Day and a Serial Killer by night, talk about Dark Secrets!!!

They go on to justify their time spent watching a show of this type by saying, “I just like how he gets the Killer.” But he kills the killer!?! The whole basis behind this crime drama mystery does have a completely different “Mindset” than most that I have chosen to watch…Dexter is like a modern “Robin Hood, “ but instead of stealing from the rich, and giving to the poor, he takes the judiciary system into his own hands and hunts down people who have escaped conviction, and kills them!!

OMG, I go on to share, “ I too like an American Crime drama every now and then, and find myself watching an episode of ‘Criminal Minds’.” To which their response was, ‘oooh, no’ that is too morbid! The ‘Killers’ on that show are too creepy, I can’t watch them.” They BOTH are saying this, I am thinking well aren’t ALL Killers creepy or morbid!!

What overall became interesting to me about this conversation later, was not really the shows we were choosing to watch, but the way we were going about watching them. I have watched shows like Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Matlock, NCIS, Castle, Murder She Wrote, Columbo, and so on, similar to watching some of the Food Network Food challenges. I like to watch these on the basis of how the Forensic Teams SOLVEs the mystery…they were watching ‘Dexter’, on how he figures out how to get “The Bad Guy”, somewhat similar…but this show, which I have yet to watch a full episode, the SAME guy keeps killing people, what we call a “Serial Killer.”  

I guess a lot of other people have missed this show since it went off TV in September 2013…it is coming back, four years later!!

I remember thinking to myself back in the day, when Dexter first aired, “Who is going to watch a show about some guy killing people each week?” Good thing I am not in the Television business! Just so interesting the different Mindset on how we choose things in our life.

I find myself thinking about the poor wife and his kids…and what happens to them when they find out?? And some of you reading this would say, TV in general is a waste of time, and I can agree, however, I find myself usually watching a TV show more like “Murder She Wrote, a Food Network challenge, or a simple Hallmark movie, either mystery or love story. After a particular busy day, just sitting and watching someone else solve the issues at hand…is relaxing for me, as I do not have to be the one solving the problem, although, many times I find myself predicting the outcome.

The World is full of different approaches to viewing the events in our day-to-day lives, and our approach can either be a growth Mindset or a Fixed Mindset. I consider myself pretty growth minded, but in this example I may be okay to take more of a fixed* mindset on this particular TV show.

We work hard at Central to keep an “open mind”, working with each other for the betterment of our Team, so that when we come into your home to solve your problem…we are adding to your day, and making your life easier.

At Central I am committed to building a ‘growth mindset’ culture.. And when we arrive at your home, we are about finding the correct solution the first time.  As always, whether you are in Kalispell, Whitefish, Bigfork, Columbia Falls or anywhere else in the Flathead Valley. . .your Comfort is our Central concern, call 756-6656, for all your heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical and drain cleaning needs.

Spring has Sprung: BBQ time is here again

Debbi’s FAVORITE Burger Recipe

1 lb of lean, hopefully Montana raised Beef
1 small bunch of Green Onions finely chopped
2 T A-One Steak Sauce

Mush all together with your hands, form patties the size to fit your Hamburger Buns…generously salt and pepper both sides of patty and grill to your liking…Enjoy





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