Your Home’s Autumn Weather Check-list

There is something special about autumn in the Flathead Valley. As temperatures begin to drop, and the mountain peaks and the valleys change from the bright green hues of summer to the to the stunning shades of autumn, it reminds us that we need to start thinking about the cold months ahead.

As temperatures fluctuate, your home also goes through changes due to varying weather conditions, aging, and general wear and tear. Conducting seasonal maintenance before the season is upon us, can help prevent the inconvenience of costly repairs and ensure that all of the components of your home are running smoothly.

Below is a helpful checklist that will help you keep your hard-earned cash in your pocket and allow you to get a jump on the upcoming cold season.

  • GUTTERS – To avoid leaks and damage to your home and foundation, ensure that your gutters and downspouts drain properly. Clear them of all leaves, dirt and branches that may block the free flow of water and create ice buildup. Install gutter covers that keep the debris out and the run off water flowing nicely.

  • SEDIMENT BUILDUP – Accumulated sediment buildup in your water heater can damage your tank. To keep it running at maximum efficiency and increase your tank’s life expectancy, flush your tank at least once a year, like you would maintain your furnace by changing the filters. If your tank is rusting or extremely old, then purchasing a new one that is more energy-efficient and cost-effective is a wise decision.

  • FURNACE TUNE-UP – In most cases, autumn is the first time we will turn on our furnace in several months. Our best solution to make sure you are maintaining your entire heating and cooling system is to have them professionally cleaned twice a year to ensure your furnace is operating safely and at peak efficiency. In com-paring your heating and cooling system to your car maintenance, your system operates approximately 3,300 hours per year. To put this “run time” in perspective, a car driven these same amount of hours (3,300 hours at 65 mph) would travel 214,500 miles! Would you consider this same type of journey each year with your car and not maintain it properly? Call us this next week and ask about our current “FUR FUR” promotion going on that will save you $80 on cleaning your furnace this fall.

  • EXTERNAL PIPES AND FAUCETS – Extremely cold temperatures can cause external pipes and faucets to freeze, especially when exposed to ice and snow. Turn off external faucet shut-off valves and wrap exterior faucets and pipes with insulation tape to prevent against freezing pipes. In extreme freezing situations even indoor pipes can freeze, so be sure they are kept warm throughout the cold season.

  • SMOKE DETECTORS AND CARBON MONOXIDE ALARMS – Your furnace and water heater are used more during the cooler months, which means you raise the risk of potential fire and poison-ing from carbon monoxide. Take the time now to replace the batteries and test both of these alarms to help ensure your safety from an unexpected mishap. If you do not have a carbon monoxide detector, we can take care of that for you.

  • LEAKY DUCTS – Air ducts are tucked away in places such as your attic, basement and even sometimes in the walls of your home and can easily be forgotten. Ducts are responsible to carry hot and cool air throughout your home with a central system. When leaks or holes occur, it can cause a variety of problems from higher energy bills and overworking your heating system due to compensating for the loss of air, to build up of dust and debris which creates problems in air quality throughout your home. They can become clogged with mold, dirt, dust, pet dander and other pollutants. The best solution is to contact our Call Center, and they will send out one of our Trained Service Professionals to review your home and give you solutions to solve the problem.

Now, is the time to call our Team before the weather changes, as that’s when our phones light up, and our schedule gets much tighter to get you scheduled in a timely manner.

As always, no matter the season, your comfort is our Central concern, call 756-6656, for all your heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical and drain-cleaning needs.

This is an old family favorite
Cream Cheese Dip with Pineapple

2 – 8 oz cream cheese, softened

1 C of chopped pecans

1 8 ½ oz crushed pineapple

½ C green pepper 2 T of green onion

1 t of your favorite seasoning salt (I like Lowery)

Mix all together except the nuts, and let blend together for a few hours; stir in nuts and serve immediately, as you want the nuts to stay crunchy … Enjoy with your favorite crackers.


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