How Long Does A Garbage Disposal Typically Last?

garbage disposal life span

Garbage disposals are a critical part of any kitchen and plumbing system. Unfortunately, garbage disposal repairs can be costly. As a result, many homeowners want to avoid repairing them for as long as possible. Knowing how long your garbage disposal can last and how to take care of it can help prevent garbage disposal problems. 

This blog post will help you assess the condition of your garbage disposal so that you know when to call in a professional plumber for garbage disposal repair or garbage disposal replacement.

Like all things related to the home, when you take care of your appliances, they can last a long time. The average lifespan of garbage disposal is around 8-15 years. This average lifespan may seem like a long time, but garbage disposals require more frequent maintenance than kitchen garbage cans or trash bins that sit outside the house.

They also use up water at an increased rate as they grind food down. The rotating blades in your garbage disposal can also inflict damage on plumbing lines when not properly maintained.

Simple maintenance steps can prolong the garbage disposal lifespan and help you avoid costly garbage disposal repairs or replacements. While you may do some of the maintenance by yourself, calling a plumber is the best way to ensure garbage disposal problems are resolved quickly.

How Often Should You Check Your Garbage Disposal?

The most important thing to do is frequently check your garbage disposals for leaks, jams, clogs, and sludge build-up. 

Garbage Disposal Leaks

Leaks are usually found around pipes where they connect to the garbage disposal. Leaks can also come from inside the garbage disposal unit itself. 

Clogs in Your Garbage Disposal

Drain clogs are typically caused by too much food crammed into or near a garbage disposal’s blades. Clogs should be cleared away with a plunger as soon as possible. Check your garbage disposals on a biweekly basis for clogs.

Sludge Build Up

Sludge build-up is an indication that your garbage disposal may need additional attention to run smoothly and efficiently. 

Consider hiring professional plumbing maintenance to keep garbage disposal running smoothly.

Concerning Noises For Your Garbage Disposals Life

If your garbage disposal is making a loud or concerning noise, it may be time to call in a professional garbage disposal repair. This could include repairing loose bolts and screws. Repairs may also mean replacing a motor that has failed due to wear-and-tear or replacing damaged blades.

With an expert plumber, they can take care of garbage disposal problems for you. They can also replace any worn plumbing lines inside the garbage disposal unit to prevent future leaks. 

Do Old Garbage Disposals Cause Plumbing Problems?

Yes, garbage disposals can cause plumbing problems if they are not properly maintained. The garbage disposal blades and the spinning action of the garbage disposal grind up food in no time flat. However, this causes a lot of water to flow throughout your pipes. This means that garbage disposals can wear down plumbing lines until they need replacement or repairs.

Check for leaks around garbage disposals. Also, clean out any clogs using non-corrosive materials. These include baking soda mixed with vinegar or dish soap mixed with boiling water before it becomes too bad.

Find sludge build-up inside your garbage disposal unit. This could be an indication that you’re about to need more expensive repairs soon or need to replace your worn-out garbage disposal.

How To Know If Your Garbage Disposal Needs Replaced

There are a few tell-tale signs that your garbage disposal needs replacement. They include:

  • The garbage disposal is leaking from the bottom or making strange noises.
  • Food scraps are no longer being ground down by garbage disposal blades and accumulate in clumps near the drain hole.
  • Sludge has built up on your garbage disposal unit, which will eventually lead to a leak if not taken care of quickly
  • Your garbage disposal is jammed and will not turn on
  • You have repeatedly had to plunge your garbage disposal to unclog it or clear away food scraps.

If any of these signs are present, you should call a plumber as soon as possible for garbage disposal repair or replacement advice.

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