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Is Your Home In Tip-Top Shape?

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Is Your Home In Tip-Top Shape?

Are you keeping your home in tip-top shape? Home ownership goes beyond just purchasing a house and the financial responsibility. It also requires regular home upkeep and maintenance to keep it running without issue. No different than your car needing a regular oil change.

Obviously we all love to play when the sun is shining, but because of the prolonged sunlight that the season brings, it is also a good time to focus on any projects that we have been putting off.  

Here’s a list of summer home maintenance tasks to help you get started and so your home will be happy and healthy for years to come. 

  • Inspect plumbing and check for leaks – Check every faucet, toilet and water source in your home for small leaks; and repair as needed. Also check your faucets for poor water pressure. If there are no visible leaks present, there’s a good chance that it’s caused by a clogged aerator on the faucet tip, which is an easy fix. If the problem continues after replacing the aerator, call the plumbing professionals at Central.
  • Check and clean dryer vent – When the dryer is turned on and running check that exhaust is exiting the vent. It should smell like fresh, clean laundry. If there doesn’t appear to be much exhaust, look for any possible blockages and vacuum all lint from the hose at the dryer to avoid any mishaps.
  • Check windows – If you are trying to keep the heat out when running the AC, one of the key tasks in maintaining your windows is to routinely check for any cracks in the sealants. Make sure inside and outside is secured and caulk any open areas in between. Also check that your weather stripping isn’t damaged or old and replace it immediately. If you are cleaning between the grooves, a small paintbrush or old toothbrush works great to clean out the hard to reach areas.
  • Preventing mold and mildew – With the humidity that comes with summer, it’s easy for mold and mildew to grow and become a nuisance. The key to prevention is air circulation. When you leave the shower, leave the shower door or curtain open to allow them to dry. Also leave your washer and dryer doors open when possible to avoid the growth of smelly bacteria.
  • Turn it off–  On hot days avoid using your oven or stove. Both create heat build up in your home and can make your air conditioning work harder to keep your house cool. Using the outside grille is a nice and many times healthier alternative. Also, install energy efficient lighting that runs cooler. Only 10-15% of incandescent lights result in light, the rest just creates heat. 

Whether you are in Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Bigfork, Polson or anywhere else in the Flathead Valley…As always, your comfort is our CENTRAL concern. Call 406-756-6656 for all your heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical and drain cleaning needs.


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