Tips to Stay Cool and Save Money

A few months ago I did predict we will be very warm this summer. With our weather crazy out of control for what we are used to for June, NOW is the time to contact us if you are at all considering up-grading or installing air-conditioning this summer. 

For those of you who love Costco and are a member, for every $1,000 you spend on your new air conditioner, they will give you $100 back, a whopping 10 percent. Really, where do you get that return on your money today within a month! Call us or see our booth located in the food court at Costco.

For those of us who already have air conditioning, here are a few “Tips to Stay Cool and Save Money” at the same time and also be ahead of the game:

Install a programmable thermostat — By tailoring your air-conditioning to your schedule, a programmable thermostat can save you money and up to 33 percent on your energy bills without sacrificing comfort. Need help programming your thermostat or installing one? Central can help! Give us a call.

A dirty air filter is wasted money — Whether you keep your home cool with a window unit or a central air system, a dirty filter will reduce the efficiency of your air-conditioning system and use more energy. Changing it at least four times a year ensures your HVAC system is not overworking and your family is breathing clean air!

Is your fan running the right direction? — Check that your ceiling fan is running in the right direction. In the warmer, summer months your fan should be set to for-ward so that it pushes cool air down and the blades rotate counter-clockwise. To change this, there is a switch on the base of your fan.

Schedule an annual cleaning — Call Central to come in and clean your AC system. A Central professional can provide you peace of mind and diagnose any inef-ficiencies from dirty coils and filters to poorly designed ductwork. Regular cleanings can cut down on the risk of common AC malfunctions and help you stay cool!

Reorganize your furniture — Are you cooling the bottom of your sofa or the back of a chair? Rearranging your furniture will give your living space a fresh look and opens up vent spaces so the cool air freely flows out into the room for all to enjoy.

Close ’em up! — On all sun facing windows, close your draperies, shades and blinds. Cover up east-facing windows in the morning, and cover west-facing windows in the afternoon. If no one is home, keep them all covered. This free tip can easily help keep your home cooler and save energy.

Combat internal heat gain — Internal heat sources come from electronic devices, appliances, and lights, all of which create more heat in your already warm home in the summer. To avoid your thermostat running longer than it needs to and to reduce energy waste, avoid putting televisions, lights and other electronic devices near your air-conditioning thermostat.

78 is the magic number — For your air conditioner to run at peak performance, 78 degrees is the magic number. Lowering the temperature even 5 degrees can in-crease your energy usage as much as 40 percent. So stay cool and save money at 78 degrees.

At Central we conduct a full “summary of findings.” We ask questions about your cooling comfort preferences, we address issues regarding allergies, and we take critical measures to evaluate your home and any current systems. Our goal is to make sure your current air conditioning system is working at peak performance to avoid malfunctions or costly breakdowns. No matter what type of air-conditioning system you have or how old it is… Central will take care of you…

As always, your Comfort is our Central concern. Call us at 756-6656, for all your heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical and drain cleaning needs!

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