My Sewer Line is Clogged! What Should I Do?

Is your sewer line clogged?

A clogged sewer line is a potentially messy situation that can create a more hazardous, expensive, unhygienic household plumbing issue if the problem isn’t addressed. To avoid such disasters, it is imperative to understand the telltale signs and how to address the clog.

Is your home giving you hints? Are you experiencing any of the following?

Signs That Your Sewer Line is Clogged

  • Toilet or drains making gurgling noise?
  • Sewage odor?
  • Water flooding?
  • Sewage back-up?

Are you backing up? Do you have more than one fixture stopped up at the same time, such as the washing machine, shower, tub and/ or toilet? Is the toilet not flushing properly? Is the tub or shower draining slowly? If you are experiencing these or similar issues and suspect that you may have a clogged sewer line, it’s best to call a professional. Our fully qualified and experienced  24-hour emergency plumbers are experts in clearing of all types of drains and sewer pipes

Limit the use of your home’s plumbing once you confirmed a problem sewer-line clog. Being aware of these signs can reduce the risk of damage caused by flooding and costly repairs.

At Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical, we have built our reputation for honest, expert drain cleaning, drain maintenance and inspection services and advice. We use video camera inspection technology so we can isolate where the problem is, so we can provide an accurate price quote before we begin the needed repairs to get you flowing again.

You may want to consider backflow prevention as well to prevent any future occurances.

As always, your comfort is our Central Concern. Call Central for all your heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical and drain cleaning needs at 406-756-6656.

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