Benefits of Electric Wall Heaters

Many homeowners in Montana are confronted with the difficult question of how to heat their homes. Whether building an addition on the house or renovating your current structure, you may come to a point where you realize it’s time to upgrade your heating and cooling setup. Electric wall heaters are a good option, whether you are looking for supplemental heat for main rooms or a complete home renovation. Learn more about the benefits of electric wall heaters below.

Electric Wall Heaters Work Fast

Electric heaters and electric wall heaters typically begin providing heat within a few minutes of being turned on. There’s not waiting for something to warm up or get going – you’ll feel the heat almost instantly!

They Supplement A Room

If you spend the majority of your time at home in just a few rooms, you’re not alone. Most homeowners spend 80% of their time in the same two or three rooms, such as bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Central heating systems keep the whole house the same temperature, which can be inefficient, especially for homes in Montana during the winter. Electric wall heaters are an economical option to heat the rooms you use most during cooler months.

Wall Heaters Offer Precise Temperature Control

Because of ease of use, you can achieve a more precise temperature control with electric wall heaters. Set start/stop times for activation, as well as specific temperatures. In addition, easily turn the heater on and off when a room reaches the desired temperature.

Wall Heaters Are Space Friendly

Electrical wall heaters are effective for homes with limited floor space and are great for small offices… and they are a great ductless heating option!

Energy Efficient

As mentioned, electric wall heaters can supplement the heat in a room, which is more energy efficient than heating the whole home, especially in the winter for homes in Montana. Electric wall heaters are great for scenarios when a single room or a few rooms get more use than the rest of the house.

Electric Wall Heaters Are A Safe Heating Solution

Electrical wall heaters are safer than space heaters or similar options for smaller spaces. The best option is to have your heater installed by a heating and cooling company to ensure safety for everyone in your home and longevity of the heater.

Whether you already have an electric wall heater in your home or want to have one installed, contact the team at Central Heating.

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