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Fair and Equal to All. . .

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What is going on throughout our beautiful country, with this whole “president thing” … have we forgotten somewhere along the way, that someone wins and someone loses …

Let’s look at this past Super Bowl for example … Where are the protesters for the Atlanta Falcons … dominating the game to the point where most thought they had it in the bag. Somehow, those Patriots made it happen. Was it because they were in shape and had the endurance to succeed in the fourth quarter? Coach Belichick was criticized by many of his team players as well as others: “Why, at this point in time, the week of ‘The BIG’ game, are we running our team so hard with uphill sprints?”

John Maxwell, in his “Minute with Maxwell,” talks about “The Law of the Price Tag,” and the price is always worth it. He talks about how Belichick has always been known to be a conditioning coach because he feels this gives his team a decided edge when they get to the end of the game.

Many people I was tailgating with on game day wanted the Atlanta Falcons to win, but the Patriots made an amazing comeback. After the game, one of the Patriot players commented that they were just in better shape to the very end. Many football games are won in the fourth quarter, not only by skill, but endurance. When a team or a person fails to pay the price, they fail to reap the potential benefits.

What happened to the terms of learning how to “lose gracefully” and learning from our “failure” so as to succeed next time bigger and stronger? It is a proven life mindset that when you focus on what you don’t want in life — instead of what you do want, you will continue to attract more of what you are fearful of instead of getting what you do want.

We were recently in Spokane. On our trip, I picked up Oprah’s magazine themed, “Just Be You.” Oprah has an article in this March issue, “United We Stand.” Oprah talks with “The Women of America.” She was definitely a non-Trump supporter. She brought together 10 women from both sides of the political divide, seeking information as to what she may be missing. The majority of the group were Trump supporters, despite a so-called proven fact: “Woman do not support Trump.” A good article to read to get a view-point from both sides. All agreed: Nothing worth rioting about; grow up, people!

Oprah shared that for the first time since her farewell show in 2011, she missed her daily discourse with her viewers and possibly would not have been so surprised by Trump’s nomination or his eventual victory on Nov. 8. She goes further to share that “it truly doesn’t have to be this way. Our differences enrich the human mix. And we all should be [I say must be] open to embracing the chance for interaction, and conversations that both challenge and affirm the way we see each other.” She will be bringing these women back together for Trump’s 100th-day milestone.

As I read Oprah’s article, I do not understand the “fear factor” of the woman who is an immigrant, unless she or someone in her family is here illegally. We have laws and policies in our country that have not been followed by our previous president; and now that our new president wants to enforce what is written and should be followed, he is the “BAD” guy. This is no different than any other country. When our daughter traveled in Europe last summer, there were very strict rules as to how long she could stay in the country as an American student, and we obeyed those rules.

At Central, we also have Policies and Procedures that are written down, but which for whatever reason, have sometimes gotten off track a bit … and I could be labeled as the “BAD guy” as I get us back on track. Our Policy and Procedures are what guide our Team to be fair and equal to ALL of our customers … you deserve that.

There is an acronym for FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real … What we focus on, we get more of in our life. Do you focus on “not wanting to lose the game” or focus on “what to do to win the game”? Our focus should be on what we do want from our new president. As he has won, he is our president and deserves everyone of us to empower him to be the best he can be while serving us! He has the endurance to win the game for us … and God bless him for taking this on. Do you want to do it or have the capacity to do it?

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