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Celebrating the "Red, White and Blue"!

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As I am preparing for a long weekend at our cabin on Echo Lake with family and friends there are two traditions that two years ago we were unable to enjoy, due to extremely dry conditions in the Valley, sitting down at the “fire” pit and watching all the “fireworks” going off around the lake. Last year we actually ventured out on the Lake with friends, and around 10:20pm the sky began to explode with colors of red, white and blue. It was a 360 degree showing, as one shoreline was reloading anther was taking over the helm. 

All over the United States friends and families will be gathering together to celebrate our Independence from England dating back to 1776 when 5 men came together to write a document to officially declare thirteen colonies their freedom, “The Declaration of Independence” was born.

Following is a repeat of a column I wrote in 2015, interesting how history can sometimes repeat itself in relationship to how a person handles defeat.

Two of these men, John Adams, our second President of the United States, and Thomas Jefferson, who later became our third President stand out over the other three men. As I was reading some articles from “The Constitution Daily”, these men were both very passionate about their commitment to our freedom, but had completely different political views and even their lifestyles. President Adams, a Federalist and direct descendent of Puritans settling in Massachusetts was not as charismatic as our third president of the United States who also was Adam’s Vice President. President Jefferson was a man of many talents and interest, and people just liked him. He served as our President for two terms.

I personally find I can tell a great leader in how they handle themselves when things are not going to well. When Jefferson won the presidential election over Adams, Adams did not attend his inaugural celebration…hmmm, no wonder he did not win, character and integrity are everything, being a poor looser puts you into a scarcity mindset. A scarcity mindset while may prevail for awhile, those with an Abundant way of participating in life will always prevail. People like to be around positive, can do people, and Jefferson was one of these types of people.

It got me thinking, what would these two men think about our country today, they both worked very hard for us to have the “FREEDOM” of what we know today. How would they handle situations of like a young troubled man, sits in a prayer group for an hour and kills nine people and walks out. Young men walking into high schools, killing classmates and teachers who have been there to help. And people from other countries taking this “thing” called an airplane and purposely flying it into a tall building(s), got more than one person to participate and in our own little backyard, some group out of Wisconsin is offended by a statue, commissioned over 60 years ago by the Kalispell Knights of Columbus…not sure they would be very proud of how some people in our country are taking it for granted, that many, many fore Fathers before us spent thousands of hours and even put their life on the line to be able to live in a wonderful country overall that we have at our fingertips today.

I know many Parents out there are like me and my husband; we worked very hard to instill good values for our children, however, make sure you are every now and then taking a step back, and making sure you are on track of being very “GRATEFUL” to be an American. We have come along way in so many things since back in 1776, when our Declaration of Independence was born…but in some ways, we really need to get back on track of love, honor and respect for all.

“Make America Great Again,” a slogan that rang through our ears this past year, and really hit home for so many Americans. We must take a stand against all this “yuck” that we have allowed to creep into our country.

At Central, we have a “Code of Values” that guides our Team to be the best we all can be, TO GUIDE   our Team to be honoring, respectful and appreciative to you, customers, when we are in your home or business, Stay COOL this wonderful weekend of celebration, and take a moment to reflect on all the greatness this nation has…

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Great Fourth of July Salad”

4 cups of your favorite greens

One cup of sliced Strawberries

½ cup of Blueberries

1 T of sugar, lightly sprinkled over the fruit on the salad

½ cup of feta cheese

Use your favorite vinaigrette


PS What is so crazy, President Adams and President Jefferson, Adams first, died on July 4th, 1826!!!



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