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Building a Home

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Debbi WaldenbergBuilding a home today can be very time consuming and overwhelming. Our fingers are able to do their walking not just the yellow pages anymore, but the world is at our fingertips

Many times we spend more time on planning a wedding, than planning our new home. I suggest taking at least a year to really research what the final end product will look like.

Living in the Valley, we are limited to our options for design centers that give us an opportunity to touch and feel higher end quality of bathroom and kitchen fixtures than our local box stores offer.

Take time to visit a larger city and look at various design centers, create a folder on your ipad to save your ‘likes’ from various design websites like Houzz, Pintrest and Realsimple to name a few. I still enjoy looking through magazines and ripping out pictures I like, after a while you will start to get a feel for the style you are looking for.

Today’s trends are leaning more to smaller homes, with a ‘green emphasis’. It is very important to keep in mind overall likes related to your budget. With so many options today, it is easy to get carried away.

Keep in mind your over all lifestyle and how long you will be living in your new home. Over building for the area of your choice can be hard to re-coop your investment over a shorter period of time. Also, if building to sell, it needs to be something that the general public will be interested in buying. I have been on several Home Tours, and I walk into some of these homes, and just go to myself, or my girlfriend touring with me, “What were they thinking?”

Proper space planning is very important. When building a home a few years back, a good friend of ours was also building home of 7000 square feet. As I toured their home when the walls began going up, the architect had totally under sized the size of their master closet to fit the overall design of the home, and I knew at the time, this would be huge factor if they ever sold this home. Since this time, she utilized an office next door, and now has a beautiful closet that goes with the overall design integrity of the home. Think about the amount of time we spend in our closets, having a place for everything is key. For our home, I had measured all the closet space I/we were using throughout our home at the time, and designed our master closet around this size. I miss this closet… 

Look at utilizing rooms for more than one function; a craft/hobby room can double as a guest room by adding a sofa sleeper. Your husband likes to ‘tinker’ or entertain buddies, it is so easy to finish off the garage like you would do a room in your house, paint the floor and add a Unit heater, pull the cars out, you now have a “Man Cave”.

This is just the tip of the information to share when building a new home or doing a large re-model. Over the course of the rest of the summer, I will be sharing some other very important things to pay attention to when designing your Dream Home.

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Fourth of July weekend, Strawberry Short Cake

1 Homemade or store bought Angel food cake

1/3 down from the top, slice off the top of the cake

Mix a 3 oz package of gelatin, 2 ½ C boiling water, 1 ½ packages of fresh strawberries sliced

Hollow out the center of the cake just to bottom,

Fill with cooled filling, and place cake top back on

Frost with 1 ½ C heavy whipping cream, ¼ C powder sugar whipped

Slece remaining strawberries and place around top of cake…Enjoy!!


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