Team Comradery

Three Chairs, a piano bench and then a candle became an instant new piano lounge. I was recently in Seattle for a “Fun, Mom Daughter” weekend with my now old enough daughter that we can now do “Adult” things together. Hotel on the water, wine tasting in Woodinville, food and cocktails…and of course somehow we had to get shopping in, and we were able to just catch a glimpse of the last few minutes of the Bobcat/Griz game…”Go Bobcats!!”, finally.

 In our hotel room, was a magazine that listed the most recent top 100 restaurants to visit in Seattle, so we thought we would try the number one listed as it is fairly close to our Hotel. There was only 3 of us, so it was worth a try…as we arrive, not only is there a waiting list for the main dining room, but also to sit in the Bar, at least an hour and half wait, the Hostess said curtly…hmmmm, not sure this is where I want to eat with this kind of attitude and we had to pry out a recommendation. She just pointed and said over two blocks on Pike there are a lot of restaurants, “Thanks a lot!” I guess when you are that busy, you do not have to be very helpful, they better be careful.

There are 100’s of restaurants in Seattle, if you do not have amazing food, and great customer service, your popularity can fade fast!!

So we took her very minimal help suggestion she shared, and headed over to Pike Street, and she was right, there were several restaurants to choose from. We found one we thought looked welcoming enough, busy (always a good sign – empty restaurants are not one you want to visit). We were greeted right away, and as we were waiting to be seated, there was this little old man, sitting with a bunch of one stemmed roses, I caught his eye, he was gesturing for us not to eat at this restaurant but motioning us to go to the also, bustling, much larger establishment next door. So just as we are about to sit down, a change of heart, and we headed next door…as I am somewhat chuckling, “He probably owns the joint.”

 Again, we were greeted right away, but if we would like to wait along the bar they will seat us as soon as they can…unlike our first “girl”, this Hostess was very friendly and genuine that she wanted to take of us. As we make our way to the bar and she realizes there are no seats open, she motions us to just wait a second, and soon appears with three chairs that she positions over in an area by the piano. We settle in and immediately had our drink order taken, soon, she appears again, and slides the piano bench over, to create a table for us…shortly, a bit later on another walk by…a candle is placed on our bench…as she shares with a twinkle in her eye, “Instant Piano Bar, sitting”.

 La Spiga Osteria, an Italian Restaurant where you can savor authentic homemade pasta with roots to the Emilia – Romagna Region of Italy. La Spiga is a welcoming neighborhood spot where locals gather daily to enjoy some amazing food and warm atmosphere. Our evening continues to implode with over the top customer service. Something so simple, but can be hard to find.

At Central, we work very hard training our Team daily, weekly and monthly. Each morning our day starts with each department has a Team huddle discussing things we did well yesterday and things we need to work on to be better next time. Weekly, Tuesday is our Customer Service Training, and Wednesday’s training consists of keeping on top of the Technical aspects of the heating/cooling, plumbing & electrical industries. Each Thursday our Leadership Team of 5, meets for an hour and half, sometimes two hours becoming better leaders to serve our Team at Central and you, our customers. Monthly, we meet together as entire Team to bring us all together in one room, mostly for Team comradery, having part of your Team in the front office and the rest out in the field, it can be a challenge keeping all lines of communication going forward. We are committed to creating lifelong relationships and raving fans.

 With the Holidays upon us, now is the time to call for all your heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical and drain cleaning needs at 756-6656, as always, your Comfort is our Central Concern. Call today.

 Holiday Tip: One of the articles I chose this week to share with you shares about brighten the Holidays with blooming plants at this time of year. Poinsettias are a usual all time favorite, however for me, the Amaryllis tops my list of favorites. When buying my bulbs, I like to pick those that already have a bit of the “bud” beginning to peak through. I have been planting these for years for family and friends and actually like how the stem of the flower, almost grows in front of your eyes, the uniqueness of this bulb. And, it is always a special treat the day the flower blooms. I think I prefer to utilize my vodka or gin for a Holiday “Fun” cocktail!!

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