“RING IN 2017”

As you will be reading my column on the last day of the year for 2016, I found myself compelled to write about looking back a “bit”, but more importantly looking forward to 2017. Any more, I am really challenged on remembering what happened yesterday, little alone the whole year of 2016. Some may call this “old” age, however there is a saying I came across many years ago and I have learned how to apply this in my life today, “ Do not let the past get in the way of your future possibilities.”

Many people when first hearing this phrase for the first time can struggle with this concept. They may question, “How can the past not really be thought of, as this is what makes who you are?” My point exactly, as long as it does not continue to define who you are, and prevents someone from growing past some things in your past that may not be working for them today. To place this in a very simple example, because as you think of this phrase there are many ‘bad’ things that can happen to people along the path of life, and can be very difficult to look at a ‘bad’ incident and let it go. We make statements, like, “I can understand why Sally does not like the ocean, she got bit by jelly fish.” Isn’t this really just an excuse, there are many, many beautiful ocean waters she can enjoy that do not have jelly fish? However that moment in time, defined this for her for the rest of her life.

Most people who know me and have experienced dining with me, I have another phrase I like to share, and have written a whole column on this before, that maybe worth re-sharing…I have been in several dining situations where someone states for example, “ I do not like green beans,” and my reply back, “ How do you know you do not like green beans today, have you tried them today?” Always the answer with a shy grin, “No,” “Well then I think it is time you try them today.” You can tell a lot about a person on how they respond to this challenge…to make my point, sometime in this person’s life, who is now maybe in their 40’s, decided at the ‘ripe ole age of 10 years old’, they do not like green beans, as it was custom back then, his mother choose to serve ‘canned’ green beans verse fresh.   There is a huge difference in these two final products. Although, both are called green beans, and if you made your choice strictly on not liking green beans from the canned version, you really are missing out on the fresh, slightly, al dente, final green bean product. Yet, at that moment in time, some 30 years ago they made up their mind, they just downright do not like green beans. Don’t we all do this, by one moment in time we limit ourselves for the rest of our life, when really there is a much better experience out there, but we refuse to “TRY” it today.

There is a book that was shared with me from someone I have been mentored by and have learned a lot about financial well being. Kim Butler is the co-owner of P4P, Partner’s for Prosperity, about a year ago she shared an email stating that “EVERYONE” alive should run, not walk to get this book and read it. “Mindset, the New Psychology of Success.” The main premise of this book is all about teaching each and every one of us how to learn to fulfill our potential in parenting, business, school and our relationships. Carol Dweck, Ph.D., shares that there is only two ways of thinking, you either have a “Fixed” or “Growth” Mindset, and shares in her book many actual examples of what these “Mindsets” look like. I also suggest you should run to your computer and order this book not only for yourself, but anyone you really care about. You will know what kind of “Mindset” they really are by the willingness for them to receive this gift from you and read it!!

I’m honored to be able to have the opportunity to come into your home every two weeks and share positive and growth ways of being to make our community of Kalispell and the surrounding communities a better place to live.  As you say good-bye to 2016, and “RING IN 2017” Following are a few questions my Leadership Coach, Dave Ferguson, with the John C. Maxwell Company shared with me, modified slightly to fit in this context, that I would like to pass on to you, for “Food for Thought”:

–   When you reflect back on the past year what do you see?    

–  What have you accomplished in the past year that makes you proud?

–  What haven’t you accomplished this past year that you should have and still want to?

–   What are your top 5 Values?  Tell me how you live out each of them daily. (For many of you,

   have you really defined your values, to live them out daily?) 

–  What are you top priorities going into 2017?

–   What are your top 3 goals/dreams in life right now? 

–  What is one big goal for each of these areas in 2017?

I wish you the best as we leave 2016 behind, and move into 2017 where you are only limited or abundant, by your Mindset!!!

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