Mother’s Day

Debbi WaldenbergThis Mother’s Day will mark the 100th Anniversary from when President Woodrow Wilson signed the proclamation urging Americans to display flags; as a public expression of our love and reverence for the Mothers of our country.

Interesting enough The Hallmark Visitor Center and The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library are partnering to present dual exhibits to celebrate this centennial. Just a few years before this proclamation, Hallmark Cards was founded. How different this company may have been without this proclamation?

This proclamation has to be one of the most successful pieces of paper that any presidents has ever signed. It has truly added to the overall economic well-being for our country. Mother’s Day is the second most popular holiday for gift giving after Christmas, an estimated $20 billion industry.

This brought me to thinking about our industry. Interesting, we have not had one call this week to say, “I would love to give my Mom a new furnace for Mother’s Day. Can you wrap it up with a nice pretty bow and deliver it by Sunday?” And this got me thinking, again, how silly for us; could it be we have just not been very good at reminding our customers of all the “gift” ideas we have available for your Mother.

I have taken my fair share of marketing seminars, never have I seen a display ad tying heating, cooling, plumbing or electrical, and especially drain cleaning to gift giving for Mother’s Day. Think about it, “Mom, we love you so much, and we know you have been struggling with that slow flowing drain in the kitchen for a long time, so we have arranged to have Central here on Monday to take care of that for you, Happy Mother’s Day!” I am thinking this would be a close second on ‘the list’ to the time my husband gave me a treadmill for Mother’s day!!

Most of the items we install are located in a place in your home that typically are not frequented very often, or easy to view your pretty new furnace or water heater. This may sound a bit over the top to use “pretty” with these items, however, Lennox for one, has taken great strides in designing their systems today to have the look of a high-end appliance. And a tank less water heater definitely has a much sleeker overall appearance than an ordinary water heater.

But there is one item that may warrant a bow, or even next to the Christmas tree, a Ductless Mini-Split System. This is the perfect system for any room you cannot get your regular heating and cooling to, or maybe you have a home with in-floor heat or electric base boards, and would like to add cooling.

We installed a Mini-Split in our cabin, which only has electric based board and a wood stove. I love this item. Many hotels, use similar units, usually mounted on a wall that will provide heating or cooling for your room. This same concept is now very popular for the home.

The unit is usually installed on a wall about 7.5 feet high in the room that you would like additional heating or maybe to add cooling. Simply by the push of the button on the remote you can have either, also very quiet and nice looking. The comfort that this unit has provided on those hot summer days at our cabin is wonderful. It basically comes in two very manageable boxes, smaller than a high chair box.

As always, your Comfort is our Central concern. Call us at 756-6656, for all your heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical and drain cleaning needs!

Gardening Tip: Spring has sprung, one of my favorite edible flowers to plant at this time of year, is the pansy. How these hardy plants ever got their name may be worthy of another article.


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