Dedicated in Developing Leaders within our Company

Over the past few years I have been very dedicated in developing Leaders within our Company. Everyday we have a choice in how we are going to run our day… either it runs you or you run it. In an Industry like ours, we are in the business to find “Solutions” to your problems. It can be a bit wearing at times on my Call Center, because most the calls they receive are based on something needing to be fixed.

I have worked very hard to develop a Call Center that understands your needs when you call and not get hung up on the problems, but to get you taken care of, no matter how many calls we already have scheduled, the solution will follow. The word “BUSY” is a HUGE four-letter word for me…and I am very clear with our Team, we are not busy until our entire year is booked out for each Technician. We have developed some tools to help guide our Team to be successful when receiving your call…it is just human nature to “plurp” an excuse or say the word “BUSY” before we really think about it…when we are really committed to intentionality, my “NEW” favorite word, excuses begin to disappear.

In the book “Good to Great,” by Jim Collins, where he researched why some businesses are just “Good” and others are “Great.” He has a phase in his book when related to intentionality and getting things done, “Good is the Evil of Great.” Think about that for a second, are you OK with “Good enough,” or “Do you strive daily to find greatness in all you do and who you are with?”

Those of us who strive for “Greatness,” are really held back by those that think “Good Enough”’ is OK…and because in our society, the weak will rule…this can cause a lot of dissension…until the “Great” get very clear on the TEAM they either are committed to developing or wanting to be part of.

I have gotten very clear at Central who I want on our Team… “good enough” just really does not work for me any more…for about four years I have been getting very clear on the people who will be on Central’s Team…this takes time to build such a Team, and “Great” is not cheap.

Our Leadership Team and several members on our Team that I see really want to bring “Greatness” into their lives are reading the book, “Developing the Leader within You 2.0,” by John C. Maxwell, one of my Mentors. His second chapter in the book is titled “Priorities” and he shares as No. 3 of priorities, similar to above, “The Good is Always the Enemy of the Best.” It is easy for most people to choose from good or bad, right or wrong…the challenge is when we are faced with two goods. John shares this parable:

A light house keeper who worked on a rocky stretch of the coastline, before the days of electricity, would receive, once a month, a supply of oil to keep the light burning.

Not being far from town, he often had visitors. One night an old woman from the village begged for some oil to keep her family warm. He had pity on her and gave her oil. Another time a father asked for some oil for his lamp so that he could search for his missing son. Another person needed some oil to keep machinery going so that he and his employees could keep working. Each request was good, and each time, the light house keeper gave them oil for their worthy cause.

Toward the end of the month, he noticed the supply of oil was very low. By the last night of the month, it was gone, and the beacon went out. That night in a storm, a ship wrecked on the rocks and lives were lost. When the authorities investigated, the man was very repentant. But there was only one reply: “You were given oil for one purpose — to keep that light burning!”

Unfortunately, today, this response is interpreted as being too harsh. In the beginning, when everyone who is now creating judgment was not part of the original directions and commitment by the Lighthouse Keeper, they are coming up with “Excuses” for him, he was just doing the right thing…however, the right thing is the commitment from the beginning and staying true to THIS commitment first and foremost. The “Great” get this, and the “Good” waffle and control for the betterment of the Lighthouse Keeper, however, forgetting the people lost, and his commitment.

Our Society has just plain got clouded, and if you know anything about wine, never drink a wine that is cloudy…we must get back on track to more “Black and White” than all these stupid colors of gray.

So, as I share in each of my columns, your Comfort is my Central concern for all your heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical and draining cleaning needs. Today, Central is stronger than we ever have been, and the right home service provider for you, your family and your friends. Everyday, we are committed to making “Lifelong Relationships and Raving Fans,” and staying true to “RIGHT” choice.

Spring Planting: I heard in the News, going to be in the 50s next week. My favorite flowers to plant in pots, this time of year are Pansies…Their name is very deceiving, they are very hardy and cute at this time of year!!!


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