“Change your story; change your life!”

Recently at our company meeting I asked our Team, when you think of the word “abundance,” what do you think of. The general answer was “more than enough” or “excess.”
And the definition by Merriam-Webster.com (aka, when I was growing up, Webster’s definition) is “extremely plentiful.”

So I shared a TED talk video by Peter Diamandis, the author of a book called, “Abundance: The Future is Better than You Think.” His general definition of abundance is taking something that is nothing in its current state and making it into something. He wrote an entire book on the word, and shares that he lives in a constant state where everything is possible and there is no problem that cannot be solved.

If we take our self out of the mindset of the traditional meaning of abundance as being “excess” and move to Peter’s definition, “taking something in a state of nothing into something,” then each of us can create abundance every day. Whether we are successful or have failed at something, it has little to do with circumstances; it has much more to do with our choices. And it is all how we look at the word
“failure.” Do we let it define who we are and live our life in a state of thinking that we are not good enough, or is your definition of failure not failure at all but “life lessons” along the way?

We recently had to let someone go who had worked for us for over two years. This person had violated our company policy and values… The choices this person made negatively affected everyone working in our company. This was a choice this person made based off other choices made, thus causing the outcome of being unemployed. Letting someone go is never easy and can create a negative mindset with the rest of our Team, so it is very important to let people know that as a Team we not only come together for the “high fives,” but also come together during some lows, and work together to move us all forward.

In a video with Joe Polish and Peter Diamandis, Tony Robbins shares a study about human nature that reveals how something as simple of drinking either a hot cup of coffee or a cold cup of coffee can affect your outlook. Those reading a story while holding a warm cup of coffee all snuggled up on the couch will describe the main character as warm, genuine and nice, while those drinking a cold cup of coffee have a completely different mindset, describing the main character as cold, insincere and a little rough around the edges. What is your environment? Are you living your life with a warm cup of coffee, or is every day a challenge? We get what we tolerate — it is 100 percent our choice, and only we can change the things in our life that are not working.

Do you have a “Story” that keeps getting in your way? Change your story; change your life.

I have a phrase I like to share with our Team when I am training on a new concept. I will say, “Don’t think.” This may sound a bit condescending; however, if they are already creating an opinion about the concept I may be sharing, they can miss the concept altogether because their thinking is getting in the way, especially if their nature of thinking is to be more skeptical.

At Central, it is not only the professional and technical skills our team has that makes our company successful, we also work very hard on creating abundance each and every day for our Team and the customers we touch every day. We are committed to a life of making things better.

As always, your Comfort is our Central concern. Call 756-6656, for all your heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical and drain cleaning needs…

Spring is a great time to have a Fondue Party. I am hosting a baby shower this weekend and found this yummy recipe from my Williams-Sonoma Cookbook:

White-Chocolate-Espresso Fondue

1/2 cup half and half

1 T instant espresso powder

1 package of white chocolate chips

2 T of coffee liqueur ( I am using Spotted Bear Spirits from the Spotted Bear Distiller, recently opened in Whitefish … Yummy!)

Pinch of kosher salt

In a double boiler on the stove over simmering water; mix first 3 ingredients until chocolate is melted, add remaining ingredients, stir and serve in your favorite fondue pot and
serve with fruits, marshmallows and biscotti . . . ENJOY!

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