What Causes Air Conditioner Noises?

When Should You Be Concerned About Unusual AC Sounds?

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New air conditioners are designed to operate very efficiently and quietly. When unusual noises are heard coming from a cooling system, it’s typically the result of a lack of maintenance and a sign that a part has worn out and is about to fail. The good news is that by being aware of what noises could indicate a problem,  you will be able to address the small problems before they lead to a breakdown during the hottest days of summer.

When your air conditioner is running it will normally make some noises. Subtle thumping and whirring sounds are normally heard when the unit turns on and off and the blower send the cool air throughout the house. By becoming familiar with the normal operating sounds that an air conditioner makes, you will be able to more easily recognize unusual sounds that could be cause for concern.

The Sounds of a Malfunctioning Air Conditioner

Air conditioners have many moving parts – fans, belts, compressor motors, coils and other components – all work together to remove hot humid air and distribute conditioned air throughout your home. As air conditioners age, belts can become loose, bearing can fail, motors can wear out, and other components can simply wear out, leading to a range of sounds from squeaks and rattles.

Preventative AC Maintenance

Preventative AC maintenance is the best way to minimize the likelihood of air conditioner repairs. An AC tune-up includes the following steps that keep your air conditioner operating quietly and reliably. By cleaning, inspecting and lubricating system parts, the components will last longer and operate more quietly.

A clogged furnace air filter can also cause excessive noise by reducing air flow and can cause the blower to whine as it struggles to move air through the ventilation system. cycles on or off. Replace the air filter once a month or as recommended by the filter manufacturer.

If you ware hearing unusual sounds from your central air conditioner, play it safe and call Central Heating Cooling Plumbing and Electrical for service. We can inspect your home’s cooling system, determine what is causing the noise, and recommend AC repairs when necessary.

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