Reduce Your HVAC Energy Expenses in the New Year! (Seasonal Tips)

2019 is almost here; a great New Years Resolution is to SAVE MONEY where you can! So, below we created a list of energy saving strategies you can adopt – to save money and make your home more eco-friendly throughout the New Year.

Reduce HVAC Costs During Cooler Months

Stop Air Leaks from Entering Your Home

Air leaks allow the cold air to enter your home and make your household temperature drop, which in turn makes your furnace work harder to maintain a consistent temperature. The most likely areas where cold air can creep in are around windows and doorways. An effective way to check for air leaks is by lighting a small candle and walking the candle around to areas where you expect there may be drafts or there are cold spots in your house. If you have in fact encountered a draft, you will know because the candle flame will flicker. Once the candle flickers, seal it up with either caulk or weather stripping.

Save Money by Adjusting Your Thermostat

 When you just can’t get warm in your home, it is tempting to crank up the heat to comfortable at night. As odd as it sounds, the remedy is to turn the temperature down…not up (at night that is)! Your body responds better to falling asleep and staying asleep at a lower consistent temperature. According to the suggested bedroom temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep. So before you close your eyes for the night, adjust your thermostat so your room is cooler rather than warmer and just layer on blankets if need be. Overall you’ll save money and have a better night’s sleep.

Extra Layers SAVE Money

In the winter months instead of cranking up the thermostat, so you can be warm in a t-shirt, just put on a sweatshirt or sweater…or wrap a throw blanket around you if you are just relaxing on the couch. By reducing your thermostats temperature from 72 to 70 degrees you can save up to 5% in energy costs. So layer on the savings!

Reduce HVAC Costs During Warmer Months

Keep your Air Conditioning Unit Cool

By providing a shaded area for your AC unit, you actually help it to run at its best! The goal is to reduce the amount of sunlight that directly beats down on the unit. Some ideas to accomplish this is to plant a tree or bush near it to reduce the sun exposure, or consider building a compatible structure or shed that provides direct shade. By keeping your AC unit cooler, it allows it to work more efficiently in your home.

Circulating the Air to Keep Cool

Fans can be a magical invention in keeping your house cooler. By adding a ceiling fan or other fans you circulate the air so it redistributes throughout your home. The circulating fan helps take some of the pressure off the AC unit so it doesn’t have to work as hard.

Cooling an Empty House is a Waste of Money

In the warmer months we tend to be spending more time outside and on vacations and extended trips where no one benefits from a cool home. So during these times, keep your thermostat turned up a little warmer. Every degree counts when it comes to energy cost savings. Keep your home come cooler when you’re home to enjoy it.

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